5 Top Clearing and Forwarding Companies in UAE

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Clearing and forwarding are the services provided for importing and exporting firms,where they help in clearing of customs,Guest Posting paying taxes, moving the cargo, and other formalities. The companies who provide these services are clearing agents and freight forwarders. They help the effective movement of the shipment by completing all the procedures and documentation necessary. The clearing agents see that the goods are packed appropriately in trucks or containers so that they can be transported safely through air, water, or sea.

In the UAE, many world-class companies provide complete clearing and forwarding solutions to their customers all over the world. The following is a list of the top five clearing and forwarding firms in the UAE:

  1. Abbas Juma Clearing & Forwarding Co. LLC: It is one of the most reputed clearing and forward companies in Dubai that has gained an excellent reputation through its service and innovative processes. The firm has in its team much-experienced personnel who are well-versed in everything about inland transport, customs procedures, and global freight. The company is committed to makingin-time deliveries helped by its widespread network of agents the world over.Their services include clearing and forwarding, warehousing, online customs clearance, chartering,etc. The company is committed to providingvaluable service to its clients that will meet all their requirements adequately.The firm aims to be the leading provider of clearing and forwarding services at the global level by developing its potential to the maximum.
  2. ABC Logistics LLC: The company is known as a leading provider of logistics solutions and has an information system that is among the best in the world. It provides effective logistic services to its clients and helps them to achieve their targets by reducing delays and speeding the flow of information. The services provided are warehousing, tracking cargo, documentation, etc. The company is supported by its efficient team of highly skilled professionals who provide customized solutions to its customers for all their cargo transporting needs. The firm has got offices in Iran and associates in many countries such as France, Germany, China, Japan, India, New Zealand, to name a few. The company offers its services to industries, such as retail, manufacturing, etc. It is able to provide the lowest possible export and import rates for air and sea shipments to its clients because of its collaboration with the best international freight forwarding agents. Entrümpelung Berlin

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