Add a Personal Touch to Birthday Celebrations by Baking Your Own Birthday Cake

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The birthday cake is a long established and cherished element of birthday festivities that can be traced back to the early Romans. Children especially, would even say that a birthday party is not complete without it. While most of us would dash to the nearby bakeshop to buy the most intricate cake of the house, it would at times be pleasant to add a personal touch by baking the birthday cake ourselves. Accomplishing his task would be easier when you already possess the talent to bake a stable, delectable cake. All you have to think about is the extraordinary decoration and design that will suit the birthday celebrant’s character the best way.

Think about the activities that your birthday celebrator is fond of doing. If he or she likes music, you can decorate your cake in many ways. A violin for example would be the right design for someone who is a fan of classical music. You can use a brown icing to shape the body and a little licorice for the strings.

You can also attempt to create a grand piano cake by using black icing for the body and white icing to create the keys. On the other hand, if it is death metal, alternative, pop or rock that he prefers, an electric guitar shaped cake is a good idea. Adorning a cake based on the musical inclination of the celebrant can provide you with much motivation for the design.

For the sports aficionados, you can also have a lot of inspiration based on their much loved sports. You can shape your cake round and adorn it like a basketball, a baseball or volleyball. Try an oblong shape and you can create a baseball in the same way. A diamond field designed cake would delight baseball fans. And a rectangular shaped cake can be turned into a basketball court or a chess board for chess fanatics. Adding edible chess pieces would be a delightful touch and an entertaining surprise for the birthday celebrator.

Children like fun and play and they would surely adore a cake shaped like their beloved comic strip character. Bake a rectangular cake, cover it with yellow icing, fasten two big eyes and make a square pant and you have created SpongeBob Square Pants. Patrick Star, SpongeBob’s best friend can be created by baking a pink star shaped cake and decorating it with white icing. Cowboys and Indians, superhero, prince, princesses and other story adventure things are sure to be loved by children too. Using your child’s preferred toys and things can provide you with a lot of idea in your cake design.

If you are not yet experienced enough to create a big birthday cake as grand as we have mentioned; you can begin and practice at the same time with cupcakes as an alternative. Make little cakes adequate for the expected guests and magnificently adorn them with the celebrator’s favorite colors. Baking a cake is a sweet personal way of telling them in a simple way that you love them. After all, it is not the cake but the thought that counts. Sydney cakes

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