Cash on Delivery Online Sales Reporting

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Cash on delivery (COD) is a payment method whereby customers pay for goods after they’re delivered. This form of payment can be used in both brick-and-mortar and order-based retail businesses. COD may not require the use of physical cash but can involve credit cards or electronic payments. COD shipping can also include a logistics company that collects the payment from the customer after deducting a handling fee. This allows companies to avoid the risk of a buyer declining or failing to make a payment while providing them with a shorter accounts receivable cycle than credit purchases.

Some types of retailers that offer COD include food delivery services, clothing outlets that allow shoppers to try on and pay for clothes before committing to the purchase, and department stores that provide buyers with an opportunity to test drive products such as electronics, home and kitchen items, and apparel. Some of these stores will allow customers to return the merchandise if they’re unhappy with their purchase.

To understand how your sales and profits are trending, you can run a variety of finance reports from your Shopify admin to see how much revenue you’ve collected. These include the total sales report and a detailed Payments finance report that lists the number of monetary transactions, including both payments and refunds, for the selected timeframe. You can find these reports in the Finances summary page under the Reports tab of your Shopify account. Each of these reports displays a different set of data and offers links to additional sales finance reports. Отчитане на онлайн продажби с наложен платеж

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