Custom Stirrup Socks

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We offer a wide selection of custom baseball socks and striped stirrup socks with many different designs and colors to choose from. These socks are made in the USA and can be customized for your team, school, or organization. Our custom striped baseball socks are popular among the top travel ball programs, high school teams, and college program. They are the perfect addition to any uniform and help make your players stand out on the field.

Custom Baseball Striped Socks
A favorite sports fashion accessory, the baseball stirrup is a knee-high sock worn over long socks called sanitary stockings. Born out of necessity back in the day, when our baseball forefathers wanted to add a bit of color to their socks while maintaining optimal hygiene they simply put on the white sanitary socks over the colored stockings and then rolled the pants up to the waist.

While the striped baseball socks once were commonplace in MLB and other professional leagues, the trend slowly fell out of style and is only now making a comeback. Some players are even wearing knicker-like cuffed pants to achieve the classic look of baseball stirrups.

Our striped baseball socks are available in different lengths and can be customized with up to 43 colors. When choosing sock colors please be sure to select the color that matches with your team name, not the one that shows up on your computer screen as monitors vary in brightness and hue. custom stirrup socks

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