Does Fenbendazole For Cancer Really Work?

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Some people have claimed that fenbendazole, a drug used to treat parasitic infections in animals, can cure cancer. The claim is based on anecdotal evidence from patients who say the drug helped them get into remission after they had conventional cancer treatments. Peer-reviewed studies show that fenbendazole doesn’t work for this purpose.

Scientists have studied fenbendazole in cells and mice to see whether it could kill cancerous tumors. They found that it did reduce the size of some cancers, but not others. Scientists have also reviewed all of the available clinical trials about fenbendazole for cancer and found that it doesn’t appear to be effective.

The researchers’ new study is published in Science Translational Medicine. It shows that a drug called mebendazole blocks cancer cells’ ability to grow and spread by inhibiting the formation of tubulin, which is a micro-skeleton in the interior of the cell. This stops the cells’ supply of nutrients and starves them to death. Mebendazole is already a widely used antiparasitic treatment for dogs, and it’s known to block the formation of microtubules in human cells.

Many of the participants in this survey said that they heard about fenbendazole for treating cancer through media sources, including television and YouTube. The majority of them, however, didn’t watch the videos made by Joe Tippens (A, C, K, N, P, and U). Most people first learned about fenbendazole for curing cancer through acquaintances or friends (B, J, L, and S), followed by the Internet or YouTube (C, N, and U). Some also referred to the CVBC website for information. fenbendazole for cancer

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