Dream a Little Dream of Me Lyrics

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This song evokes a sense of romantic longing and affection. The narrator implores their loved one to dream about them at night, even as the stars shine brightly above and the night breezes whisper love. The message is that no matter how far apart they may be, the love will linger in their hearts.

The enduring popularity of this song is largely due to its universal message of hope and love. It speaks to the desire for happiness that so many people feel in their lives, regardless of their age or background. This is reflected in the fact that so many different artists have recorded the song over the years, giving it a variety of styles and interpretations.

While the original version of the song did not reach significant chart success upon its release in 1931, it gained momentum after the Mamas and Papas released their rendition of it in 1968. The group’s version of the song reached top ten charts around the world and established it as a popular classic.

In 2013, English singer-songwriter Robbie Williams covered the song for his tenth studio and second swing album, Swings Both Ways. He duetted with Lily Allen on the LP version but she was dropped from the single release. The song has also been recorded by opera singer and coloratura soprano Sumi Jo for her classical crossover album released in Korea. It was also featured in Jim Henson’s Muppet*Vision 3D movie Grumpier Old Men, where Miss Piggy performs the song as a loosely parodied version of the Mama Cass recording. Dream a Little Dream of Me Lyrics

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