Employment Lawyers Near Me

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Whether you are an employer or employee, the workplace is meant to be a professional setting that fosters mutual respect and decency between everyone. However, the reality is that employees are often subjected to a variety of misconduct from their employers and coworkers that affects their ability to work and earn. This misconduct can range from wrongful termination to sexual harassment. Fortunately, the law provides protections for victims and if you are in need of assistance due to an issue at work, you may benefit from contacting an employment attorney.

Employment attorneys can help determine violations of federal and state anti-discrimination and harassment laws, as well as employment agreements. They can also assist workers and companies with understanding labor law issues such as collective bargaining, union organization, and representing employees or employers in government and administrative proceedings like the NLRB.

If you have an employment dispute, find an experienced lawyer in your area by using the FindLaw directory. You can review lawyers by specialization, years of experience, client reviews, and other important factors that may impact your case. You can also compare legal fees and see if the attorney has handled a similar matter to yours before.

When determining when to hire an employment lawyer, Levitt says it is best to seek advice as soon as you suspect you have been treated unfairly at work. An experienced employment attorney will be able to advise you whether your rights have been violated and can file a claim on your behalf in court if necessary. employment lawyers near me

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