Feld Fire Portable Fire Pumps – What Is It?

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When it comes to protecting people and property from damage caused by fire, modern sprinkler systems rely on quality fire pumps to pressurize the water that feeds into each individual system. Designed to be portable, easy to use and capable of handling high volumes of water at high pressures, these units are an integral part of a modern fire safety system. This collection of portable fire pumps from Feld Fire offers a wide range of sizes, capabilities and water capacities that make them ideal for various application requirements.

These portable fire pump are self-contained with air-cooled engines and utilize the latest advances in technology, materials and engine and pump technology. They are also compliant with world wide regulations governing exhaust emissions and noise levels. The engines are either petrol or diesel powered, with some units offering the option of a dual fuel option to provide greater versatility and convenience.

Providing an ideal solution for firefighters, these units are designed to be carried by one or two people to the site of their operation over rough terrain or distances. This makes them a popular choice for wildland firefighting, but they are also suitable for many other applications and situations where a portable fire pump is required. These units are generally used in conjunction with a portable water tank.

When a fire starts in the wild, it can move quickly and without warning into homes and businesses, leaving only moments to get equipment to the scene of the flames before it’s too late. This is where a fire fighting water pump can make all the difference in tackling a forest or grass fire before it threatens structures or kills people.

Portable Fire Pump – What Is It?

Essentially, a fire fighting pump is a device that takes available water and increases the pressure. This is done to ensure that the sprinkler system will be able to distribute water evenly throughout the entire building or space. Whether it’s for use in large commercial spaces or high-rise buildings, this component is vital to keep people safe in the event of an emergency.

Each portable fire pump is designed with ease of operation and maintenance in mind. They all feature a single stage low-maintenance gearbox for reduced maintenance and more efficient performance. They are also compliant with NFPA 25 guidelines for periodic inspection and testing. This includes a monthly churn test and an annual flow test.

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