Fenbendazole Powder

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A broad spectrum anthelmintic medication used to treat parasitic worms in cattle, sheep, goats, horses, fur animals, cats and dogs. Known by the brand name Panacur or Safe-Guard, fenbendazole works differently than most dewormers by interrupting the energy metabolism of the parasite. It is considered an effective, affordable and long-lasting treatment for intestinal nematodes.

In cows, fenbendazole is indicated for removal of lungworms (Ascaris suum), stomach worms (Hyostrongylus rubidus) and intestinal worms (Trichuris suis). It is also a treatment for bovine interdigital phlegmon and other infections caused by Mannheimia haemolytica, Pasteurella multocida and Histophilus somni.

It is also an effective treatment for gastrointestinal worms in other species including sheep, goats, swine, ferrets and fur animals as well as dogs and cats. It is particularly useful for treating gastrointestinal nematodes in large cats such as lions, leopards and tigers.

Fenbendazole powder is available in a variety of forms. It can be mixed with feed, administered via water column or as a pill. It is also used to treat nematodes in fish and marine shrimp.

A highly effective, economical and fast-acting wormer that can be given to both beef and dairy cattle. In addition, it can be fed to swine and rabbits. It also treats guinea pigs, turkeys and geese. This product is a good choice to use in conjunction with praziquantel for a quick and effective treatment of nematodes in swine, lambs and other ruminants. It can also be combined with a pour-on insecticide such as 1% lambdacyhalothrin and 13% piperonyl butoxide to provide up to five months of control against horn flies and face flies in beef and non-lactating dairy cattle. This combination provides the shortest milk withhold and allows cattle to be placed into the milking string sooner. fenbendazole powder

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