Fire Nozzle Manufacturers

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When it comes to fire safety, there are many regulations that must be adhered to. One important component is having a fire suppression system in place that can be activated immediately when a fire occurs. Fire nozzle manufacturers produce systems that can spray water or other flame retardant material in large volumes to stop or slow the spread of a fire. Whether your business uses typical combustible materials or more volatile ones, choosing the correct system will help keep your workers and any customers safe.

Fire nozzles are usually connected to fire hoses and have different jetting patterns depending on what type of fire they’re intended to suppress. They’re also available in a variety of materials and sizes. This is important because different types of fires require different amounts of water to extinguish them.

Drenching systems are more commonly used in the United States, and they can be triggered by the presence of smoke or heat. These systems can spray water or other flame retardant material at high speeds to quickly snuff out the fire and prevent it from spreading. These systems can also be used to clear the air of smoke and fumes, making it easier for people to escape from an area.

All Hands Fire Equipment provides a wide selection of fire fighting nozzles from leading manufacturers such as Akron Brass, Task Force Tips and POK Products. They’re ideal for structural firefighting, foam applications, chemical fires and more. Choose from a range of cam & groove, fixed gallonage and high-pressure nozzles. They’re also suitable for industrial, marine, mining & forestry fire fighting.

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