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Fleurville Mothership Diaper Bags is viewed just like from its name as a sizable baby bag. These diaper bags are known for it wide ranges of designs and colors. But the structure of these bags is made for heavy-duty purposes. Many Moms and Dads are finding Fleurville Mothership Diaper Bags to be a perfect match for any kind of day. Its colors are so sweet and playful; you could almost imagine them as big flavored puffy clouds. They are so huggable and soft against the skin. But aside from these bags’ spacious attribute, it is also a darling because of its organizing purpose. These bags are specifically made for Mommy and Daddy that really needs help in organizing especially during distant and long travels with baby. Below are some of the best features that make Fleurville Mothership Diaper Bag so loved by parents.

Mothership diaper bags have enough space for two baby’s things. With its multiple compartments and pockets, you can find a place for all of your things. You will find several elastic pockets wherein you may put baby’s bottles and sippy cups for safe-keeping. It also has two spacious pockets that are located at both ends of the bag. You may place there other personal items such as wallet, cell phone, and many more. It is very durable as it was made of eco-friendly materials. You will be assured that this bag is free from PVC and Teflon. The exterior and interior lining are made of waterproof and easy to clean by wiping material. Also, inside this bag you may find a diaper changing mat that is also attached on its sleeves. There is also a zippered pouch for baby’s diapers and wipes that matches the diaper bag’s design. Your keys will no longer be difficult to find because this bag has a provision for keys called carabiner of key clip. If you want to move freely, you can attach a stroller strap to this bag so you can hang it on the stroller’s handle. But the stroller strap may be bought separately from the bag.

Another excellent product of Fleurville Diaper Bags is the Lexie Tote Diaper Bag in Loveknots Blue. This tote bag may also be found in different colors and designs. Here are some of the designs that you can get for the Lexie Tote Bag, Teal Butterfly with Chocolate Lining, Nordic Flower with Chocolate Lining, Cocoa Stripe with Choco Trim and Aqua Lining, Black Bouquet with Berry Pink Lining, and Botanical Azure. Lexie Tote Bag by Fleurville has numerous must have features that parents, especially Moms love to have for themselves. Just like any other bags by Fleurville, this tote bag is made of environment friendly materials. Each bag is 100% free from PVC and Teflon. It has spacious pockets and compartments inside and outside this bag. And what made each pocket special is that they are lined with fleece. It also has matching diaper changing mat and see through wipe case inside the bag. It may also be transformed as a stroller bag using a separately bought stroller strap. michael kors bags for women

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