Hair Dryer With Diffuser

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A hair dryer with diffuser is the best hair tool for wavy and curly hair. “A diffuser is a circular attachment that you slip onto the nozzle of your blow-dryer to disperse the flow of air in a more controlled way, which helps maintain your curl pattern and prevents frizz,” explains hairstylist Paola Torres, of Westfield, New Jersey’s Utopia Hair and Day Spa. “The biggest mistake you can make when diffusing your hair is going too heavy on the product—as that can cause a lot of frizz and lead to a flat and overdone look.”

To get the most out of a diffuser, Torres recommends using a nourishing shampoo and conditioner and applying a light-hold mousse or gel to the crown and ends of the head before styling with the diffuser. She also advises misting your strands with a heat protectant (we’re big fans of this one from Parlux) to create a barrier between your curls and the intense heat from a blow dryer. hair dryer with diffuser

When shopping for a hair dryer with diffuser, look for the following qualities:

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