How to Get Clicks From YouTube Videos

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If you have been uploading YouTube videos for some time now in hope of promoting your website and still have had dismal results, this article will give you some tips on how to maximize your chances of getting YouTube viewers to click and visit your sites.

Did you know that the very first thing people see about your video, the Title, can be responsible for at least 80% of its views? No less important is your opening introduction which begins right after viewers click on “play button”.

It is critical that you should grab their attention with compelling message as quickly as possible. So how can you do it? Let’s talk about it a little bit. Do you remember those many moments when you suddenly decided to go cinema to watch a newly released movie right after seeing its trailer? Guess what? Those trailers have succeeded in persuading you to take action – which is a silent but irresistible call to action “Go and buy ticket to this movie now!”

But the question we should be concerned with here, is how did that process happen at the subconscious level? Well, let’s analyze it! For the sake of this example, let’s use the trailer from Transformers 2 movie. Like many other action + fiction movie fan, I was immediately captured by the movie’s thrill of seeming endless action scenes, seducing graphics and hot hot actors/actresses. More over, I was very curious to see the actual fighting in details and to know how the story ended – which the trailer obviously left uncovered in purpose!

So you see? I was ready to take action with just a few psychological triggers:

1. This movie looks like its full of actions, the ticket money will be worth to its every cent
2. Its full of amazing graphics to feast my eyes for an hour or two
3. Man! That hot actress alone is worth watching the movie
4. I can’t wait to see who wins – human or robots?

And there are of course many many more emotional triggers, different from person to person. But the point here is that the trailer has successfully pulled out some really powerful emotional triggers that silently, but surely and compellingly make people take action! And that’s exactly what you should do when creating YouTube videos, to take advantage of YouTube’s free traffic source and turn them into visitors to your website. Once they make that single click in your resource box, they are all yours.. buy watch hours on youtube

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