How to Make Winning Tennis Predictions

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When it comes to making tennis predictions, there are several factors that can influence the outcome of a match. These include the playing surface, player current form, and player match history. Having a thorough understanding of these factors is crucial to success when betting on tennis matches. Additionally, it is important to consider that top-level players are typically not as motivated for smaller tournaments than they are for grand slam or masters events. This can lead to a letdown after a big upset, and should be taken into account when compiling your tennis betting predictions.

Tennis world rankings, previous head-to-heads, and player profile performance statistics are all fantastic tools that can help you make informed tennis predictions. In addition to a player’s overall win/loss record, these stats also breakdown results by surface, tournament level, and tiebreak and deciding set percentage, and show how well a player performs against both right-handers and left-handers.

Using these stats is particularly useful for betting on tennis matches that are likely to be decided by a final deciding set. The ability to see a player’s match history against both types of opponents helps you determine if they have an edge in those kinds of games. In addition, betting on tennis matches that are likely to end in a third-set decider is a great way to maximise your profits.

It is also worth noting that players’ level of motivation and their psychological state after a big win or defeat can have an effect on the results of a tennis match. For instance, a player may be lethargic after winning a major match and have a poor record in the following rounds.

Betting on tennis over/under totals is a popular alternative market to betting on the individual match winner and can be a good way to maximise your profit potential. This type of bet involves trying to predict whether the entire match will result in over or under a certain number of sets played. Our experts provide a full preview and reasoning with every over/under 2.5 set prediction detailing why they think a specific team will whitewash an opponent or go to a deciding third-set.

OLBG’s tennis tipsters keep extensive records of their bets and have a deep understanding of the sport’s intricacies. They have years of experience analyzing matches and understand how to extract the best value from the odds on offer. They know how to read the odds, how they are influenced by various factors, and how to calculate risk/reward ratios. They also have a keen eye for value and will always look to find the most profitable bets available. You can find their picks by clicking the ‘Predictions’ tab on the OLBG website. They can be found for all ATP and WTA events, including traditional match markets like the tournament outrights and individual match bets. Depending on their schedule, some tipsters specialise in week to week ATP and Challenger events that don’t feature all of the top players so they can find a few profitable upsets. tennis predictions

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