How to Make Your Own Paper Quilling Art

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Paper Quilling Art is a contemporary twist on the filigree technique that was used in metal to embellish ancient manuscripts and relics. This modern paper craft uses coiled, glued and pinched strips of paper to create intricate designs, images and even words. This type of paper filigree can elevate a birthday card or add texture and detail to a piece of jewelry. Paper quilling requires a steady hand and good concentration, so it can also be an excellent tool for improving fine motor skills in young children.

To get started with your own Quilling project, choose a design and prepare your materials. You can find a variety of paper quilling patterns on the internet or in quilling kits. Using a pattern will help you pre-plan your shapes, especially for larger projects. It is recommended to use machine-cut paper strips for your initial projects, as they are more precise than hand-cut paper. You will also need a quilling tool, which is usually a slotted tool with a comfort grip and a needle device for rolling the paper. A tweezers is also helpful for holding your shape while glue is applied.

Once you have a completed coil, glue it to your desired surface. Be careful not to apply too much glue, as it can make your paper soggy and warp the shapes. You can use basic craft glue or tacky glue, which dries faster. For a more finished look, you can pinch the tail of the paper to mold it into a specific shape, such as a leaf or an ear. Paper Quilling Art

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