How to Replace a Ray Ban Nose Pad

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Nose pads on glasses can become loose, fall out or get worn down. Periodically replacing these parts will keep your eyeglasses or sunglasses comfortable to wear throughout their lifetime. Ray-ban is a well-liked worldwide brand of sunglasses and prescription eyeglass frames that often feature comfortable nose pads.

How to Replace Ray Ban Nose Pads

To replace a nose pad on a frame, the first step is to remove the existing one. This can be done by firmly pulling on the nose pad while also holding the nose pad stem. It is important to have a firm grip on the stem as it may bend or break if too much pressure is applied to it. Once the existing nose pad is removed, a new one can be installed using a push-in mechanism. Push-in nose pads mount into a receiver on the frame nose stem and are typically attached by a small tab on the back of the nose pad. The tab is then pushed through the receiver on the frame nose stem. Once the new nose pad is inserted, the screw on the back of the nose pad should be tightened to secure it in place.

Clip-on or crimp-on type spectacle nose pads are found on many metal and plastic frames including some Rayban products. These pads are often constructed from either soft silicone or a soft-firm PVC material. They come in sizes ranging from 12mm to 19mm length and have a teardrop shape. They can be used as compatible replacements for a number of other brands of frames and sunglasses. To determine the proper size of a replacement nose pad, it is recommended that you measure the length of the current one with a ruler or tape measure marked in millimeters.

The next step in replacing a nose pad is to determine the type of mount it has on the frame. If the nose pad is screw-in, it can be easily removed from the frame with a screwdriver. It is best to use a jeweler’s flat head screwdriver for this task. Then, a screw-in nose pad can be replaced by simply placing the new one on the nose stem mount. Be sure to line up the hole for the nose pad screw that is on the mount with the hole for the screw on the nose pad.

Snap-on or click-in type nose pads are similar to push-in style nose pads but are mounted differently. These nose pads mount into a recessed indentation on the bridge of the frames by snapping into it. The small tab on the back of the nose pad is pushed through this indentation and into the receiver. This mount is usually made from a silver color metallic material.

Rubber Moulded nose pads are another type of replacement for nose pads that can be snapped onto a nose stem receiver. These nose pads mount into a receiver on the eyeglasses that have a rubber surface. They can be pressed in by hand or with the help of a screwdriver. ray ban nose pad replacement

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