Lawyer Hattingen – First Class Legal Solutions Made in Germany

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Lawyer Hattingen is a firm of lawyers that provides first class legal solutions made in Germany. Their interdisciplinary teams are highly experienced in all areas of national and international business law. Their clients include SMEs, major corporations and investment holdings. They are well-versed in the latest corporate strategies and can handle matters ranging from mergers and acquisitions to real estate.

Family law issues such as divorces, legal separations and child custody are complex legal matters that require the services of a qualified attorney. Divorce attorneys Hattingen handle a variety of cases that can include legal separation, custody disputes, and spousal support. They have extensive experience in all aspects of family law and will work hard to help you reach a satisfactory resolution.

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The Reshop-Carre, a 11,500 sqm big shopping mall is opened with a city festival. The five medieval gates are interpreted by internationally known artists. Count Adolf von der Mark gives Hattingen and Blankenstein the privilege of holding weekly markets and fairs. Rechtsanwalt Hattingen

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