Living the Tropical Lifestyle in Cartagena, Colombia

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Living in Cartagena offers a tropical lifestyle that will appeal to anyone who enjoys the sun, beach, and socializing with other expats. However, it should be noted that the city is more expensive than other parts of Colombia. That being said, the price tag is not unreasonable and most foreigners can live comfortably here.

Located on the northern tip of South America, Cartagena is a city that exudes history. Along with Havana, Cuba and San Juan, Puerto Rico, it was a key link in the great maritime trade routes that opened up the West Indies to global exploration. Today, friendly people, a variety of cuisine, and the colors of the Caribbean give the city a distinct flavor and feel that sets it apart from other Latin American cities.

The best place to start a sightseeing adventure in Cartagena is the original walled section of the city, which has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its winding streets tell the story of hundreds of years of cultural influences, and leafy plazas honor the heroes like Simon Bolivar who helped liberate Latin America from Spanish rule. You will also see vendors preparing street foods that tempt your senses.

Cartagena has a warm, tropical climate that is hot and humid most of the year. You will need a good supply of sunscreen and light clothes. You should also bring a raincoat or umbrella for rainy season (May through November) and sunglasses and comfortable walking shoes for exploring.

There is a wide range of places to stay in Cartagena, and the choice will depend on your preferences. In the old town, you will find historic buildings converted into hotels and apartments that offer both a quiet escape and the chance to rub shoulders with locals. There are also a number of sociable hostels and other budget options for those seeking to immerse themselves in the city’s social scene.

For a luxury experience, consider staying in the Bocagrande area of the city. This neighborhood is like a Caribbean version of Las Vegas, and many of the city’s most luxurious hotels are found here. Visitors will enjoy a plethora of dining and entertainment options before retiring to their rooms, which often boast views of the water and crowded beaches.

A great way to spend an evening in Cartagena is at one of the rooftop bars or restaurants overlooking the city and sea. This is a wonderful place to watch the sunset, and you will likely make some new friends in the process. The food and drinks are excellent at these spots as well, so you will leave with a full stomach and a new perspective of this city. Lifestyle in Cartagena

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