Mens Used Socks

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In just the last decades mens used socks have grown in popularity tremendously. It used to be that you could only find mens used socks at a garage sale or just trade between discreet friends but now that the internet has become so popular its quite easy for this small group of people to inter connect and sell/trade socks on websites like eBay and craigslist.

Both the sellers and the buyers of mens used socks have gotten very creative. In many public eBay auctions for mens used socks you will find that the descriptions are really just a mini story about the journey each person (in this case a man) took with each pair of sock. Some claim to work on construction sites and display their socks in front of heavy duty machinery.

Another common story is the athlete that has worn his socks down to the point that they are ripping at the heel and toe. They post pictures next to running shoes and dumbbells.

These two stories are common because they are enjoyable stories for people interested in mens used socks. As I stated earlier the buyer also participates in the story by leaving feedback for the seller confirming the condition of each pair of socks.

Be smart when bidding on eBay for socks. Often people get caught up in a bidding war well before the auction is close to the end. Evaluate the listing and know beforehand how much you are willing to pay and wait for the very last minute to place your bid. I’ve seen socks go for as much as 100$+ and others go for as low as $3, most of the time the price is so high because you are just trying to “win” at the auction.

Although eBay and craigslist are the main hubs for getting mens used socks, you will be pleasantly surprised to know that there are also private blogs and website selling custom mens used socks, made to order. You simply request the condition you’d like to receive the socks in and in about 1-2 months they will be shipped to your doorstep. personalized fuzzy socks

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