Metal Review of OmniVoid – “Fourth Seal”

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The Omni-Void is a dark gray, almost black, void that contains all the files from Undertale and its infinite alternate universes. It can only be accessed by people who can make portals into it, and even then it’s dangerous. There’s a high risk of file corruption, glitching, and loss of sanity when traveling there. Traveling to the Omni-Void can also lead to a massive amount of energy usage and can be extremely taxing on the body.

It is a strange and dangerous place, filled with twisted dreams and nightmares of all kinds. It is where everything goes when the real world can’t handle it anymore. It is a place of despair and hopelessness, as well as elation and vigor. It can be overwhelming or tranquil, depending on what kind of mood you are in.

Founded by a brilliant group of Ivy-league engineers and visionaries from top universities such as MIT, Harvard, and Stanford, OmniVoid is making waves in the tech industry with cutting-edge technology in the fields of AI and XR (Extended Reality). Its mission is to fill the tech void by harnessing the power of AI and XR and using it to provide transformative solutions for businesses and organizations.

OmniVoid’s riffing channels overpowering emotional intensity and can generate sensations of feverish yearning, dervish-like fervor, or heartless imperiousness, as is the case with their first EP, “Fourth Seal.” The title track takes it a step further, incorporating feelings of immense power and spine-tingling violence. The pulsing, tumultuous riffs are augmented by a pounding low-end thrust and dynamic skull-busting drumming.

The heaviness of the sound is what really drives home this band’s impact. It can be hard to achieve this in a metal genre that’s become so overcrowded with bands all chasing the same sonic formula. However, the songs on this album manage to strike a fine balance between old-school heaviness and more chaotic complexity without wandering into dangerously progressive or post-metal territory.

The songs on this album are crafted with meticulous skill, combining an underlying sense of urgency and immediacy with an epic, sprawling structure that’s loaded with tons of layers. In particular, the vocals are a standout element. Wordblender delivers his best performances yet, invoking a strange combination of raging desperation and maniacal ferocity, backed by screams and moans that can be both agonizingly painful and unnervingly feral. This combination creates a visceral experience that is intensely compelling. The result is a unique sound that encapsulates the essence of the Omni-Void. It’s a sound that feels both new and timeless. It’s a truly special record that deserves to be heard.

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