Paper Quilling Jewelry

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Quilling paper jewelry is a simple, inexpensive and fun hobby to take up. A few basic strips of thin quilling paper, a short list of tools (including ones you likely have around the house already) and a little bit of patience is all it takes to create a stunning piece.

The earliest examples of quilling were made using goose feathers wrapped around a rod to create coiled shapes for embellishment on reliquaries and holy pictures. With the advent of paper mills in England, the practice of wrapping paper into coiled designs began to gain popularity. By the 1200s – 1600s, gilded or painted paper substituted for more expensive metal in intricate embellishments on reliquaries and holy books. This practice eventually gave rise to the craft now known as quilling.

There are two basic types of quilling shapes: scrolls and coils. A scroll is a rolled strip of paper that is allowed to loosen or relax after it is removed from the tool. A coil is a tightly coiled roll that is either straight or curved. The Shooting Stars earrings and the Loops & Leaves pendant are both made with coils.

To get started with paper quilling, I recommend purchasing a small kit that includes a needle or slotted quilling tool (though a toothpick will do in a pinch), pre-cut strips of thin (1/8 inch) quilling paper, and a selection of acid-free glues including Elmer’s Clear School Glue and Scotch Clear Glue. You may also wish to invest in a Styrofoam tray or a cork board to work on as it provides a non-stick surface and makes it easy to position, glue and dry the finished pieces. Paper Quilling Jewelry

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