Pizzabacken – A Fun Kitchen Activity For Kids

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Pizzabacken is a very popular kitchen experience among children. Whether with their parents or with the IT Club, they are guaranteed to enjoy these super trips around Rome, such as our Myths and Heroes Tour, pizza making and treasure hunts in Villa Borghese.

This simple but very wholesome activity makes a lot of sense, as it is one of the oldest forms of cooking that we know. It is also extremely fun and requires no special preparation.

Traditionally, Pizza is made from flacher-style dough (which means that it is thin). Its most basic ingredients are water and olive oil, but it can also be baked with other kinds of ingredients like cheese, sausage and peppers.

The process of Pizzabacken is based on the neapolitan method of baking, which involves heating up dough and rolling it into thin sheets before placing it in an oven. The key is to keep the temperature very low, so that the heat from the fire doesn’t damage the dough.

In Italy the pizza is a national identity and the tradition of Pizzabacken is still widely practiced, but it has spread in Germany and other European countries as well. It has become a kind of fast food, especially in Germany.

Aside from neapolitan style Pizza, there are many other variations of the pizza – for instance, the Detroit Style is an American variation on the Italian dish. You can find a lot of recipes for these types of pizza on the internet and at restaurants.

Another thing that is very important in the creation of the perfect pizza is a very fatty sauce. This is made of olive oil and can be enriched with any kind of herbs that are available in the region – you can make your own, or use pre-made products.

As for the toppings, they are just as important as the dough. The toppings can vary a great deal, but the most popular are usually mozzarella and tomatoes. For the best results, you should use high-quality and freshly-picked Italian ingredients. Pizzabacken

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