Socket Head Bolt

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A socket head bolt is a fastener that features a threaded shank with a hexagonal head. It’s commonly used in construction, automotive, and industrial applications to fasten materials together.

They can be found in machinery and equipment that requires the ability to pivot, slide or swing with some tolerance. They also provide support for shear components, like brake pedals or stamping die rails on printing presses. They’re a great fit for applications with limited installation areas where a traditional external Hex drive bolt would be difficult to install or access.

There are several varieties of Socket Head Bolt available to fit your specific application requirements. Hex socket cap screws have a deep hex recess and thick side walls for strength and maximum preload ratings. Low head socket cap screws have a head height that’s 50% lower than traditional Socket Head caps and are a great fit for applications with tight head clearance restrictions.

Nylon patch socket head cap screws feature a nylon patch on the heads of their threads that resist loosening from vibration. They’re a popular choice for applications where other screws might snag clothing or objects that could be pulled or knocked off.

All of our socket head cap screws are made from a variety of specialty materials that adapt to diverse industry demands. From corrosion resistant alloys to high-performance stainless steel, we provide options for all types of environments and applications. Our advanced production methods ensure each screw meets and exceeds industry standards. Contact us today to learn more about how we can adapt our specialty materials to meet your unique application needs. Socket Head Bolt

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