The Benefits of a Spiral Freezer

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Spiral freezer mechanically transport food products on a continuous spiral conveyor belt through a tightly controlled cooling process that allows the internal freezer temperature to reach as low as -100°C. This rapid decrease in product temperature enables the product to be quickly transported or packaged for refrigerated storage.

Compared to tunnel freezers, a spiral freezer has a compact footprint reducing the amount of floor space required. The intertwined, multi-tiered belts also reduce the risk of ice build-up on the freezer system, making it easier to clean and maintain.

With this design, the freezing and chilling process is more uniform for all products on the conveyor belt, regardless of size or shape. This results in a faster and more thorough freezing cycle, allowing for better quality food at the end of your production line.

The hygienic nature of spiral freezers makes them ideal for processing food in applications where hygiene is of the utmost importance. This is because the spiral freezer does not touch the products directly, but rather conveys them in sterilized stainless steel holding trays. This prevents cross-contamination and bacteria growth and keeps your products fresher for longer.

A spiral freezer is a great solution for situations where you want to freeze large volumes of food but have limited space. Linde offers a range of compact, energy efficient spiral freezers that can perform many of the same functions as larger units without taking up as much floor space. They can even be incorporated into spaces that are not suitable for full-sized freezers, enabling you to bring high-quality production in-house.

The best spiral freezers have an intelligent IQF refrigeration system that automatically adjusts compressor and airflow speed to meet your specific product requirements. This minimizes energy consumption while ensuring optimal operation and freezing performance. In addition, the IQF systems can automatically adjust based on which product is being produced. This eliminates the need to manually change the settings of each individual tier, saving time and reducing potential mistakes.

If you choose to go with a fully customized solution from a manufacturer like Linde, they will work closely with you to understand your products and production. They will then engineer a custom spiral freezer that is optimized to operate with your product, ensuring maximum efficiency and product quality. This is a great way to minimize energy costs and ensure that you have the best freezer possible for your application.

Spiral freezers are significant users of energy, which means they are good candidates for improvement in efficiency. Through Veregy’s energy consulting with plant professionals that use these types of freezers, we have identified a number of efficiency improvements that can result in significant and persistent energy savings, often with minimal impact on equipment or production workflow. These energy savings will often offset or exceed the cost of the freezer itself, resulting in a net positive financial return.

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