The Power of Electional Astrology

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If you want to do anything — whether it’s launching a new business or getting married — there is a specific moment when that venture is most likely to succeed. It’s a moment when the planetary symbolism is especially resonant with whatever you are trying to accomplish. This is the power of electional astrology, an ancient practice that can help you select the right date for almost any undertaking.

A key to electional astrology is identifying the planetary general significator of the topic, such as Venus for love and marriage or Jupiter for abundance and success. Then you look at the condition of that planet and the planets it aspects. You also take into account the concept of sect, which is determined by whether the Sun is above or below the ascendant/descendant axis (or a combination of both). The distinction between day and night charts has implications for the quality of the benefic and malefic planets.

Another important electional rule is evaluating the Moon’s condition. The Moon moves the fastest of any of the planets, so it must be taken into consideration more than most. You want the Moon to have applying aspects with the topical house and with benefics or neutral planets. It is particularly helpful for the Moon to be trine the significator of the topical house, such as Saturn for health or Pluto for wealth.

You also want the Moon to avoid adverse aspects, such as being in combusta or in her detriment. The ideal is for the Moon to be trine Jupiter, which is a very positive aspect and signifies harmony and ease.

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