The Socks Factory

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Socks Factory

The Darn Tough socks factory at Cabot Hosiery in North Carolina is a 24-hour, five-day-a-week work force that collectively knits thousands of pairs of Darn Tough socks per day. And they do it with a lot of ado, aided by an impressive array of machines.

These machines are outfitted with a plethora of needles that meticulously weave various threads of coloured yarn together through a looping process. And each machine is monitored by another computer, which audits and measures the input of raw material and output of a sock, to ensure its quality and to spot any mistakes.

Those machines are all run by the same company, but each one is customized to fit the particular style of sock that needs knitting. For example, some are better at knitting tall or heavily cushioned mountaineering socks than others.

There are also machines that can knit certain styles faster or with fewer errors than others. The company has a “massive mother brain” that monitors and manages the production of each machine and its unique traits.

Their products are sold directly through their website and in select stores. The socks are made from a variety of cotton and polypropylene. They can be dyed in a variety of colors and patterns. They can be customized with a logo or design. Their woven socks are superior to sublimation because the designs are woven into the fabric, not printed on top of it.

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