What Is Hourly Care?

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Hourly Care is a home care option that allows individuals to receive regular visiting support. Carers can visit for a few hours each day or stay overnight if additional care is required. Carers can help with personal care, home cleaning and cooking, errands, shopping and community activities. They can even accompany you to medical appointments.

The big benefit of hourly care is that you can build a relationship with the same carer each week. This means they really understand your needs and can provide consistency and reassurance. This also allows the carer to get to know you, meaning they can create a friendly rapport and look forward to each visit.

Another great thing about this type of care is that it’s flexible and affordable. You can change the frequency of visits or shorten them if you need to, which gives you greater control over your weekly care fees. This is especially beneficial if your care needs change or you are in need of temporary support.

Hourly care is a popular choice for people who need support at home, but do not require live-in care or around-the-clock support. However, it’s important to consider all the options available to you and speak with a specialist to ensure you’re receiving the right level of care. This will allow you to maintain a good quality of life and independence. Hourly Care

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