Fire and Water Restoration

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Fires and the water used to put them out cause extensive damage that must be repaired as soon as possible. A qualified restoration professional assesses the extent of the damage, determines which items can be cleaned and restored and which must be removed or rebuilt, and assists with the insurance claims process.

After a fire, soot and smoke can contaminate personal belongings and surfaces, making them difficult to clean or restore. Our professionals use specialized content cleaning and document drying techniques to salvage valuables. We also repair walls and ceilings, and reconstruct areas that are irreparable.

Water damage after a fire often occurs in the form of greywater, or wastewater that contains chemicals, biological contaminants and/or physical contamination. It can also be the result of swollen or burst pipes, which expose and damage building materials. When left unresolved, water damage can lead to significant structural issues and increase restoration costs.

Damage to a property caused by fire and water can also have psychological impacts on its occupants. It can affect their health, happiness and safety, as well as make them feel unable to live comfortably in their home. A qualified disaster restoration specialist can help them cope with this trauma and return their lives to normal.

Unresolved fire and water damage can decrease the value of a property, as potential buyers may be deterred by the visible damage or the presence of mold. In addition, it can create safety concerns for the occupants and lead to structural problems that could require extensive repairs or even complete replacement. fire and water restoration

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