Dometic Fridge Defend – Protect Your Dometic Cooling Units From Corrosion

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Almost a century ago two students had a crazy idea: create cooling effect using heat – without any moving parts. This was the start of modern absorption fridges. Today, Dometic is one of the world’s leading providers in this niche market.

The Dometic CFX is among the best-performing fridges in this test, providing the fastest cooling rate and lowest power consumption (4.6 amp hours). The fridge also boasts an impressive amount of insulation, with the second-best warm-up result.

To avoid premature leaks, it is important to prevent the cooling unit boiler from reaching temperatures that are higher than its normal operating temperature. This is where the Fridge Defend comes in, as it monitors the cooling units’ “normal” boiler temperatures and reacts accordingly if they rise too high.

Sodium chromate is an inhibitor that protects against corrosion in the boiling liquid of your refrigerator. Alternatives are currently being researched but it is not possible to replace it yet because the products would have to be completely redesigned.

The alternative, inhibit 7, has not yet proven itself against corrosion at the same level as sodium chromate. This is why it has been authorised for use in Dometic products with low boiler temperatures only. Inhibitor 7 is an environmentally friendly and cost-efficient substance. It is also based on natural substances, which means that no toxic substances are used in the manufacturing process. This is in line with the company’s environmental policy. norcold cooling units

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