Roofing-8 Different Types of Roofs

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When you are planning to build your home or renovate your home,Guest Posting it is important to pay attention on roofing. There are many different roofs available in the market. Every roof is different from each other. You must choose your home roofing which suits your country climate and home structure. Many of us only know about flat roofs and pitched roofs but there are many different styles are available. There are different kinds of roofing styles available in the market. Here is a description about some roofing materials and styles. The first roofing type is the mansard roof. The mansard roof is made up of four slopes. Two slopes are on the each side of the home. The lower slope of mansard roof is a steeper and it is vertical slope than the upper slope. The upper slope of mansard roof is not visible from the ground. This is the French style of the roof.

The advantage of this roof is it gives extra space for living or storage at the top of your home. The second roofing type is the gambrel. This type of roof is same mansard roof. The main differences are that it has vertical gable ends and the gambrel roofs hang over the frontage of the home but mandrel roof does not. This roofing style is Dutch inspired pattern. The third roofing type is saltbox. This type of roofing style looks very interesting. Saltbox is an uneven long pitched roof. It has one short side and one very long side. The fourth roofing type is pyramid roof. The shape of this roof is like a pyramid. This type of roofing is used in small home structures or small home portions. This type of roofing is usually used in pool house or garage. The fifth type of roofing is hip roof. This type of roof is sane as pyramid roof. The only difference is that its four sides meet at a flat spot. This type of roof is architecturally more practical than other roof types.

The sixth type of roofing is bonnet roof. This type of roofing is same as pyramid roof or hip roof. The only difference is that two of the slides slope out an angle. This type of roof is mostly used to cover outdoor porch area or veranda. The seventh type of roofing is flat roof. The main benefit of this roof is that it construct very easily because it design is simple. This roof is also safer it you are going to stand on it. This roof is usually more accessible. The one big disadvantage is that flat roofs need more maintenance than other type of roofs. The eighth type of roofing is skillion roof. The skillion roof has single sloping roof surface. The half surface of this roof is like triangular roof and the other half is like as flat roof. Much modern architecture suggests using this type of roofing to create different and unique shape. The appropriate roofing type can give a great value to your home. roof cleaning in dorset

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